Cook’s Children’s Hospital – Fort Worth, Texas:

Let me start by saying that it’s wonderful for employers to offer this type of program to employees.

In the fast-paced, ever-demanding world we all live in today — having the opportunity to stop and focus … discover … reflect … and just breathe … is transforming so many people’s environments at work and in the home.

I met Tatiana about 18 months ago when I started attending yoga and meditation classes at Cook Children’s. When I first met Tatiana, I noticed how she wants to get to know people individually and learn each person’s needs, concerns, and fears.

At the beginning of every class (both in meditation and yoga), she asks the class about what’s going on in their day/week and then tailors the class to what people need on that particular day.

Tatiana is always studying and bringing new information in short practical takeaways to class. She opens or ends sessions by sharing something that she’s recently read, how it applies to the class, and how it applies to our lives.

She shares different types of meditation styles and really understands that it’s not one-size-fits-all.

Tatiana also makes herself available for questions following class and provides resources that we can review on our own if we choose.

It’s unmistakable that Tatiana is passionate about helping people be the very best version of themselves.

Working with Tatiana has been a great experience and I hope you and your team will feel the same.

– Jennifer Fuester-Reynolds, Senior Marketing Specialist at Cook’s Children’s Hospital Fort Worth, Texas