Parenting Support

There are two meaningful areas of life where we tend to both struggle and grow – our long-term romantic relationships and in our roles as parents. We need support in both.

Become a Conscious Parent

I find the most effective way to work with parents is one of support, as they work through their own experience and become the conscious parent that they are working to become. The focus is to learn how to teach your children the skills they are not taught academically such as stress management to avoid anxiety and ADD. As well as to teach them to recognize and mange emotions in a healthy way.

Finding the Blind Spots

This means illuminating the path of “blind spots” and discovering ways that they may be more conscious and support the healthy development of their child or children. This is a truly individualized experience, one that takes care and consideration to all of the variables which influence an individual, both consciously and unconsciously, to parent the way that they do.