Individual Guidance

I’m a holistic health counselor whose passion is to help you:

  •  manage stress.
  • understand how your daily habits affect your health.
  • assist you in creating a lifestyle that will prevent and manage disease.

I use natural ancient tactics to empower you to live a pain free and joyful life. My approach is integrative with general healthcare. I consider all of your core aspects, body, mind, and spirit, to help you reach well-being and a balanced life.

I work with you to develop a plan of incremental steps to help change behaviors to help heal your body for life through:

  • diet
  • meditation
  • exercise
  • changes in your environment 

I’m available for personal one-on-one sessions, scheduled individually or weekly. We can develop a program that fits your lifestyle to implement and track you progress.

Once you’ve gone through a four week individual program with me, you can sign up for access to my subscription program to receive personalized help anytime. 

For those of you not in Fort Worth: I can also create personalized programs for you to follow on your own from an in-person consultation or an online call.

Reach out here to get started.